Do you know what KE A GO RATA and SENI SEVIYORUM and
AI SHITERU and JE T'AIME have in common? They all mean I LOVE YOU.
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All The Love In The World

All The Love In The World

Come along for a charming romp across the globe in this sweet bedtime story, and collect a few of the many ways we express our love to each other the world over.

With nods to special travel memories and the inability for any amount of words to capture the love between a parent and child, this is truly a story to treasure.

  • From debut Australian author Louise Fedele.
  • Gorgeous art from Venezuelan illustrator Ana Toro.
  • Complete with die-cuts throughout cover and internals!

Published in Australia, New Zealand, the UK, and on 9 January 2024 Canada and the USA.



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ISBN : 9781761210617
Category : Children, Children - Story Books
Publisher : Hardie Grant Children’s Publishing
Publish date : 30 November 2022
Format : Hardback
Available : Australia, NZ, UK, Canada and USA (9 Jan 2024)