1. Did you love books as a child?

Absolutely. I even ran my own ‘library’ at home (my mum still has the books with my handmade borrowing cards in them), and wrote letters to my favourite authors. Reading and writing have always been my true passions.

2. What are your favourite picture books?

I have a mantra that you can never own too many books and I live by it. I can’t walk past a bookstore without going in and the shelves in my house are jam-packed with rows of fabulous picture books.  I have plenty of favourites, but I find that most are enjoyable in their own way. I encourage my kids to read as broadly as possible; they might surprise themselves with what they enjoy.

3. What do you find the hardest part of a book to write?

With picture books, there aren’t a lot of words to work with when creating a catchy introduction and a memorable conclusion. For that reason, I find the first and last pages the hardest to write. The flip side is that they are also the most satisfying to get right!

4. Does your first draft look anything like the final manuscript?

I start with a premise and a plan, but my first drafts are barely a draft of anything at all. At most I would call them a ‘brain dump’ of concepts, words, ideas, and rhyme which are then taken on a long journey of crafting, re-drafting and editing, before a manuscript is finalised.

5. What do you like to do when you’re not writing?

If I am not writing or spending time with my family, you would probably find me daydreaming about hiking a mountain somewhere.

6. Where has All the Love in the World been published?

Australia, New Zealand, the UK, and (on 9 January 2024) Canada and the USA.

7. Do you have any other children’s books in the pipeline?

Stay tuned!